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3rd Party Certification and Lab Tested Safe Medicinal Mushrooms

Annanda Chaga has partnered with some of Canada’s leading certifying body's consultants and analytical partners to offer a safe, sustainable and natural pure source of medicinal mushroom products.

Product safety standards are maintained with regular 3rd party laboratory testing and screening for pesticides and heavy metals.

Assurance of Quality - Certificate

Certified Organic by Ecocert Canada

Organic Certification and quality assurance is maintained with Ecocert Canada, QAI International, The Canadian Organic Regime and USDA organic standards.

Annanda Organics is a Certified Organic mushroom crop producer of reishi, lion's mane and turkey tail mushrooms. Offering certified organic wild harvested chaga mushrooms.

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Foodland Ontario Organics

Annanda Organics supports and promotes local Ontario Agriculture partnering with Foodland Ontario, in partnership with the Canadian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

Ontario Made

Annanda Chaga is a family owned Canadian company that offers the highest quality Canadian Chaga Mushrooms from Ontario Canada. A proud member of the Ontario Made initiative.

Nut free, Daily Free, Soy Free

All of our products are processed and packaged in a nut free, dairy free, certified organic facility