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Health Canada Approved Chaga Mushrooms - Lab Tested Safe

Safe Wild Harvested Canadian Chaga

Products like Chaga Mushrooms are considered to be a novelty food and must be registered with Health Canada to be legally sold to the Canadian public.

Annanda chaga is registered and licensed with Health Canada's Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) and holds several NPN licence numbers. This is your assurance that the Chaga you are taking has been found to be safe, effective and of high quality under their recommended conditions of use.

More information is available at the Health Canada website. You can also access the Health Canada Licensed product database to lookup currently active NPN product numbers.

Learn more about the recommended dosage amounts for medicinal mushrooms in the Health Canada Mushroom Monographs Read More

Annanda chaga also regularly tests our wild harvested chaga for over 300+ containments. Read more about our Lab Tested Safe Chaga

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